Artificial flowers on plane

Hi has anyone had problems taking their artificial flowers on the plane? I can't have them in a case in the hold as they'll get squashed! I'm panicking and we fly next week! I'm going to ring the airline today! 



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride

    Why wouldn't you be able to, as long as they fit in your hand luggage? They will be fine in a suitcase in a sturdy box.

  • Hi there. my friend had a similar problem. I suggested that she packs the inside of her flowers with cotton wool - if that makes sense, so they didn't get squashed. She said that it worked a treat! 

    Hope that helps. 


  • thanks I think I'm gonna have to take the pearl pins out in the base of the stems of all of them 🙄

  • I took an artificial bouquet to America for our church blessing in hand luggage and it was fine.

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