Help! France wedding venues?

My fiance (woop still getting used to that) are looking for a good value wedding in France - we'd ideally like the whole wedding to come in under €40k including everything but some of the venues I've come across cost more than that just for the venue.

We don't mind it being a bit rustic or a polished chateau ... we'd ideally like it to have a pool and some rooms on site.

Apart from that, we'd be open to anything and was wondering if any You&YourWedding-ers had any recommendations to share? Thanks in advance! 


  • Whereabouts are you looking in France? I'm getting married in the Dordogne but looked at a few places all over France so might have some ideas? 

  • Pippa24Pippa24 Posts: 2

    Thanks Giovanna! To be honest, we're at really early stages so open to anything. Looking at having 100+ guests if that helps :) any tips / suggestions greatly appreciated! 

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    We're getting married at Chateau Les Merles in the Dordogne in about three weeks time. Its a hotel, with a golf course and vineyard. Lovely venue and definitely doable for your budget!!

    We were also looking at places with these guys

    Or potentially getting married here the logistics would have been too difficult! Which is a shame as its absolutely amazing.

    I would say definitely get yourself a wedding planner, unless either you or your fiancé are confident French speakers.

  • Hi I have worked with Marry me in france and the team is great!

    Also check out Brides in France website and also Luxury weddings in france website for venues and suppliers. 

    40K on a wedding in SW France should be more than enough. Most venues I have worked at charge around 10K-15K for a 3 day hire in peak season. All differ some include a catering package but almost all include the accommodation within this price which some of which couples can then recoup from their guests who stay onsite. Guests get a cheaper stay and couple gets help with costs.

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