Italy: Villa Baroncino & San Crispolto Brides

hey, we're currently looking to get hitched in the romantic country of italy. i was just wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on companys to contat or ones you can recommend.

we've been trowling through laods of internet sites and reading testimonials for diffent regions etc etc and its so daunting.

we're looking to have a catholic ceremony in a church then reception at a beautiful villa were we'd all be staying.

help anyone PLEASeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:\)

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  • FairyKerryFairyKerry Posts: 181
    hey, we're currently looking to get hitched in the romantic country of italy. i was just wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on companys to contat or ones you can recommend.

    we've been trowling through laods of internet sites and reading testimonials for diffent regions etc etc and its so daunting.

    we're looking to have a catholic ceremony in a church then reception at a beautiful villa were we'd all be staying.

    help anyone PLEASeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:\)

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  • cazbreencazbreen Posts: 11
    Hi there!!

    We have just booked up with Getting married next July in Tuscany...can't wait!!

    Erica @ Tuscan Dreams has been great and we've just returned from a trip to visit the Villa & town hall. We are having a civil ceremony but they also organise church ceremonies.

    Good luck!!!
  • FairyKerryFairyKerry Posts: 181
    thank you, we checked this website out yesterday and requested some details and i had a response frm them within 20minutes with some villa ideas and things.

    can i be cheeky and ask what villa you've picked.!

    do you have a large party of you going?
  • FairyKerryFairyKerry Posts: 181
    thank you, we checked this website out yesterday and requested some details and i had a response frm them within 20minutes with some villa ideas and things!

    can i be cheeky and ask what villa you've picked.!

    do you have a large party of you going?
  • joannabooth84joannabooth84 Posts: 1,119
    We're getting married in Tuscany as well and using Chiara at Our wedding's in less than 3 weeks and she's been great - although i know she is on holiday until the 25th August so if you do try and contact her she wont be able to respond until then.

    We're staying at with all our family and friends and are having our reception in the castle itself.

    The ceremony is going to be at Certaldo.

    Good luck!!

    Jo x
  • Helen22ukHelen22uk Posts: 156
    I am getting married next week on Lake Garda through and would thorougly recommend their services if you fancy getting married in the lakes.
  • I can highly recommend Alessandra at Book of Dreams. we're getting married in Sorrento next July, and she has been brilliant so far. Good luck! Jen
  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    Hi, I'm getting married in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in 19 days!! We have used Laura Frappa at Exclusive Italy who arrange weddings all over Italy and have been fabulous in helping us find the perfect location and then with all the planning. Good Luck, Jules x

  • kobieukkobieuk Posts: 22
    Hi we got married in Ravello absolutely stunning - you must take a look at - Mario was brilliant and the views are stunning - before booking any where take a look at the website
  • I got married this July in Florence. At first we were going to have a wedding planner and met some great ones but the hotel wehre we had the reception were so good that they did it all for us! Saving all the money of a wedding planner. We got Married at Villa Olmi - and Massimo took care of everything. All our guests stayed there and as well as hotel rooms they have three amazing apartments where we stayed with our family for a few nights before the wedding. The preist at the church was also lovely because we had been told that it was quite hard to find a church in Italy that will marry people from abroad.

    Good lUck!
  • FairyKerryFairyKerry Posts: 181
    thanks everyone keep it coming! have been taking alook at all the various websites you've mentioned and your locations are stunning.
  • cazbreencazbreen Posts: 11
    We chose Villa Gambassi which is lovely! What i like about Villa Gambassi is the fact that your family and friends can stay in the appartments which surround the main villa. We have a party of 60+ hopefully coming out to join us. Some of those will stay the week and others will stay a few nights in hotels nearby. The appartments are lovely and the estate is gorgeous with 2 lovely big pools and fab views.

    Good luck in your search!

  • banksyukbanksyuk Posts: 83

    we are getting married at villa san cristpolto next august (lake trasimeno area, on the border of umbria and tuscany). we've been to see it and it's beautiful and weddings are arranged directly with the owners rather than an agency.

    we are going back out to italy this friday to check out the area some more... well really it's just an excuse to go back!

    good luck x
  • Hello

    We are also getting married at San Crispolto.

    It will be next September. Are you having your ceremony in Cortona? What sort of reception are you having?

    Hope you enjoy your next trip. it is such a lovely place isn't it. I would recomend it to anyone!

    Have fun x
  • ItalyukItalyuk Posts: 23
    Hi Lake Garda

    I am hoping to get married in Lake Garda next year, and am looking at Lake Garda Weddings. Were you happy with their services etc? Any tips, do's or don'ts? When did you get a confirmation date? Is it correct that you can't get a real confirmation of date until September the year before?

    Any info would be great.
  • AlloukAllouk Posts: 2
    Hello there ladies

    I am getting married in less than 1 month , argggggggggggggg cant believe it is getting soooooo close , cant wait tho !! , were getting married in Ravello on the Almalfi Coast , this place is unbelivable , we went in Oct to start the planning and check it out and I went back in June with my parents , Our Wedding Planner is Mario from Wagner tours , this man is just a saint !! , He is excellent at his job and I feel so comfortable with everything , and know my Wedding will be totally amazing , We have approx 120 guests travelling and Mario has been fantasic getting them all sorted with Accomdation etc. , We marry in Church Duomo , then the reception is in Villa Eva ,cant wait x x x
  • Good luck Allo!!

    Thats what we'll be doing in a years time, and having met Mario in July I know that it's going to be fun with him!!!

    Fairy K - from what I have seen so far - would highly recommend him!

    Pink summer
  • banksyukbanksyuk Posts: 83
    Hi MrsColby2B,

    we start the infamous 8 steps next month so nothing has been finalised just yet.

    i think we will have a civil service in cortona followed by a blessing at the villa.

    our reception is getting big! because of this we are going to look at their new property villa baroncino on sat. this is a bigger villa with seperate apartments sleeping up to 50. the grounds are larger too and so will have the capacity for a larger marquee. the details are up on the site but the renovation has not yet completed so the pics don't do it justice, apparently the work is being done by the same archetect who worked on villa san crispolto so we are going to talk to marco about it and look at the artist plans. if we like it, i thnk the aim would be to have our guests stay there and h2b, me and our immediate families at crispolto. we'd then perhaps hold the reception at villa baroncino. it all depends on what we think of the plans really.

    all very exciting and i can't wait to get out there!

    what are your plans? x
  • Hello Crispolto,

    It is so great to hear your plans and know exactly what you are speaking about! We are having a civil ceremony at Cortona town hall and then having our reception back at the villa. We are getting married in the afternoon so don't know how it all ties in having a ceremony back at the villa aswell. What time is your wedding?

    We have about 70 people coming and they will be staying at the surrounding Villas/Hotels. Like you i think it might get bigger though!

    Let me know what the other villa looks like!


  • we've switched! so i guess i should change my username!

    we met with marco and he showed us all the detailed plans for baronchino before taking us there. i can honestly say that it is going to be beautiful. it's up in the hills (about 5km from crispolto) and there is a view of the lake although it is not as good a lakeview as crispolto.

    the grounds are massive and the marquee is going to be double the size of that at crispolto. the pool is great and there's going to be a whole bbq and outdoor eating area. my description really doesn't do it justice and neither does the website in it's current state as marco hasn't started work yet (he takes over next month). the renovations are going to be completed by easter 08 apparently he's sold 11 weeks for next year already though on the strength of the plans he has shown me.not bad considering that they've only just taken it on!

    we are going to have around 105 guests so this is much more suitable for us although i have not been able to let go of crispolto easily!

    if you are going to stick with crispolto for your wedding i would wholly recommend baronchino for your guests (if you have a minium of 20 stay there you can hire it exclusively and it sleeps up to 50 in separate apartments + there's a wedding suite) plus if you book both you can choose between the venues for you reception. you should definitely talk to him about it in any case, i'm sure he will contact you soon about it all.

    we tried out 2 of the caterers too - tonino and guiliano but were not able to try renata as she only takes private bookings which is a shame as she's the caterer i wanted to try most given that she's really rustic - homemade pasta and that kind of thing. the other two were really nice though. i preferred guliliano's, this could be because i made the wrong choices at tonino though.

    and it was hot, hot, hot! i like the heat though to be honest and it was by no means unbearable (we went to rome for a couple of days afterwards and the heat there was very repressive. it's not like that in umbria though, thank the lord).

    we are going for an 11.30 wedding in cortona which may sound risky because of the heat but we really want to allow time to have a blessing back at the villa afterwards before the meal and reception, An afternoon wedding will still give you plenty of time for the reception though i am sure (not to mention be cooler!).

    it's really nice to chat to someone who knows what i am talking about so keep in touch and keep me posted on your plans! x

  • wow sounds so amazing and perfect i think we're going to go with crispolto......we did alot of searching last week and i've since been in contact with Marco and he's given me loads of information on both.

    Our party is alot smaller than yours around 50 so i think more ideal for us but the plans for Boronchino do sound amazing and like you say Marco said the same to me about the pictures on the website don't do it much justice.

    I'm hoping to speak to Marco later today to have a good chat with him but WOW your plans sound amazing and great news about the weather!

    your plans with the church and the blessing will be fine 11:30 is fairly early and like you say you need plenty of time for the reception!!

    what type of food are you going my other halfs Italian we're defiantly wanting tradtional meats, pastas etc.

    Are you arranging bits and bobs through Marco, flowers, cakes etc or are you going to see whats local to see what they can provide?

    keep me updated with your plans, its all very exciting!

  • congrats on reaching a decision fairyk! hurrah, another b2b who knows what i am talking about, how exciting!

    are you going to go out and look at crispolto? it is perfect for a wedding with up to around 80 guests and if we were still in that guest range i would have stuck with it... like i said, i have not been able to let go of it easily! it's in a truly breath taking setting and when you see it you will be so happy with your choice i am sure. when is your wedding? what kind of timings are you planning?

    i think baronchino is going to be great. i must admit i woke up in the middle of the night panicking last night as it was yesterday afternoon that we let crispolto go and i just started thinking what if baronchino isn't as good... it's worrying because it isn't finished yet but i had to calm myself with the fact that i was really confident in marco's plans when we met with him and do trust him... i am a worrier though!

    food wise i want exactly as you say, traditional and quite basic italian food. i really don't want haute cuisine as i'd like the whole wedding to have a rustic theme.

    i'm not sure re: flowers and cake. i was going to see what options he offers and then do a bit of research, what are your plans?

    it's so nice to have othre b2bs to talk to so keep me updated! x

  • hey crispolto! yes finally made a decision!

    its just stunning both the villas are, we're hoping to go out before the end of the year if not will go early on new year for a good look around.

    i'm so excited!

    i think you've made a great choice with barronchino that was out 1st choice and i think its going to be truly stunning. we've opted for

    Crispolto because our party is only going to be a maximum of 50. i say that now but i bet its get huge as the months past! still i'm not going to change H2B loves crispolto and since deciding he wont shut up about it!!!

    this is our 3rd time in booking somewhere and i feel so relived to finally find someting we both love 110% we booked 2 venues over here and thought about the weather and just decided lets go with what we always said and do alot of homework on and do it so am so HAPPY!!

    whats really lovely is my H2B is italian and so it just seems right i'm confused as to why we never decided 6 months ago to go to Italy! his family are chuffed mine i need to win over! but i'll work on that!

    we're going for a cathelic ceremony in Cortona hopefully around 1/2pm i hope, if we can, then we have the rest of the day to relax and enjoy and reception in the afternoon but may have to be later depending on heat!

    i've spoken to Marco a few times now and he's amazing! i think his service for the whole thing will be A* i have complete trust with him already dont you?

    Yeah the food i'm looking forward too, really traditional and rustic like you.

    we've managed to book august 2008 which i cant believe how lucky we are as we wanted august and when we spoke to him he said they are basically fully booked for 08 but we've been really lucky.

    what date are you at Baronchino?

    i bet your as excited as me! i cant wait now!!!

    have you got your dress yet by the way??

    keep in contact!

    Kerry x
  • i bet you have the week that we let go at crispolto! is it 9th - 16th august?

    that's our week at baronchino now and our wedding will be on wed 13th. i am so excited! when is yours?

    i'm really glad that you feel the same way as i do about your wedding. it's nice to feel so happy about the venue, isn't it?

    we haven't sent out official invites yet (which is a good job given that we changed venue!) but everyone who needs to know does. there were a couple of grumbles about the location but i think you'll always get a couple of people who complain no matter where you have it. i just thought sod it, it's our day and what we've always wanted so we aren't prepared to comprise. we have been luckly though, with not really any major compliants. if you do get any just try not to let it get to you.

    i have got a dress. it's a new one by caroline castigilano and is lovely, i got it for 1/2 price at a sample sale for dresses which had been used on fashion shoots. it's still retailing at it's full cost now and is in absolutely perfect condition but i think i have changed my mind about it (are you getting a theme here?)! i tried on some claire pettibone dresses at the weekend and think that they are more suitable to the kind of wedding i want. so i'm going to try on a few more dresses and then make a choice but i may end up selling the cc one. the price i paid includes having alternations at their flagship store and as i said is 1/2 the current retail price so i am hoping that i won't have too much trouble. we'll see.

    do you have your dress? x
  • Oh my gosh it is! so we'll be over there the same time how fab! i'll have to take your number to wish you luck on the day!

    no we havent sent invites yet may do thats in the new year early on just so everyone knows quiet early.

    i know i thought the same sod it! my mums been the paid which has upset me worrying about how we won't be able to do the 'pretty bits' for the day like favours and things and i;ve told to not be silly course we can do what we want but Marco and Co are there to help as much as we want him too! mums! she'll be fine. we're not telling them for a while we're going ahead with it just to let the dust settle for a while!

    i have my dress too and its gorgeous and i love it to pieces but............phewwww you feel the same i'm thinking something a bit bigger and more italian now, lace and things!!

    your dress sounds lovely but i do know what you mean and i'm only doing this once so want to get it right. i think the family would be expecting something more traditional too. god i dont know! decisions. i thinki'm going to keep my eyes peeled (secretly)!
  • very big laugh, that's so funny re: your dress! what one do you currently have and have you seen any others that you like?

    that's fantastic re: dates! what a small world! what day are you going to have your wedding on? so we'll literally know what each other are going through, that's pretty cool. where abouts in the uk are you? i live in hove but work in london. we'll definitely have to stay in contact now!

    i'm sure that there's still loads you and your mum will be able to do. i want to put my personal touuch on the wedding for sure. like you said, marco's there to help not to take over. i'm sure when your mum gets used to that it'll be fine.

    did you know that ryanair have a sale on at the moment? if you want to go out and see the villa and are flexiable with your dates go to the find lowest fair tool on their website and you should be able to get a cheap deal to perugia which is the closest airport. otherwise you can go to rome (we did this the 2nd time we were over) and it's a straightforward drive (about 2 1/2 hours).

    sam x
  • Hi ladies, sorry to butt in your 'blogs'. Have you thought about sending out 'keep this date free' cards instead of the official invites early? We are getting married in Italy in Aug (feels great not having to say next Aug!) and we didnt want to send out fancy invites early so found this a great way to tell people what we are doing and to 'pre-invite' them. Gives people time to plan and get excited aswell!

    Good luck to you both xxximage
  • Bashuk1Bashuk1 Posts: 164
    Faye21 thats exactly what we did as soon as we booked Ravello for next June we sent out save the date cards and pretty much everyone has booked their accommodation and flights for next year nearly 70 people! We're going to send out our proper invites soon.

  • hi faye, thanks, great idea i think we'll do that when we know of our exact date, ideally i'd like to get them out before Xmas then follow them up late jan with the actualy invite.

    hopefully alot of guests will book before the actual invites get to them like yours Bash.
  • crispolto (sam) are you about? we've re-booked and gone for Baronchino!!!!

    i think we'l have more guests than we thought so opted for the bigger one!
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