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July / August 2020 please x

Hi everyone, 

I am new to this forum, I got engaged in Mexico 4 weeks ago and am now planning my wedding for July / August 2020 and wonder if anyone can give me a bit of help.  I have shortlisted my destinations to Greece, Croatia and Italy.  I love that whole cliff top with the sea in back scene and am having roughly 40-50 guests, has anyone had a wedding in one of these destinations that could help, thanks in advance :) xx


  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 222 New bride

    If you haven't done so already. I'd work out your budget first. 

    I found Italy very expensive. 

    That might narrow down your options. 

  • lola16lola16 Posts: 3

    We got married in Santorini .The scenery is magical 

  • We just got married in Lake Como - We had 70 guests from around the world. We got married in Villa Cipressi (civil ceremony) then took our guests on a boat tour of the Lake and then our reception dinner was held across the Lake at Al Veluu with stunning views.

    I am wedding and event planner myself so it was something I was very excited about doing. Our final costings came to under £20,000 (not included accomodation - our families stayed in private villas and friends booked their own accomodation).

    We booked a UK based videographer and photographer (we didn't have to pay for travel as they were so keen on coming to Italy so that was a good bonus). 

    We booked a local florist and band.

    Tip: Hire a wedding planner even for the little details, like timings and ensuring guests know where they are going. 


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