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Hi girls

I need some help, I've ordered my dress ( and am not sure whether to have a veil or not, what do you think? I am getting married in a civil ceremony at a Palazzo in Malta in May 2007 and am wearing a tiara and having my hair in an 'up-do'. Your suggestions would be most welcome.



  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    hi mookow! i think it would look nice without,altho a short veil would set it off nicely

    Jo x
  • pminxypminxy Posts: 320
    Dress is lovely!!!

    I was trying dresses on yesterday (not picked on eyet though!! but loving trying them all on!!) and the whole veil thing came up. MIL and M (a shopping experience i am not going to repeat, the two of them were like old hens together!!! LOL) were saying that as i am abroad isnt it a bit fussy, but i said i think the veil makes me feel more like a proper bride as i walk up to H2b on the day. So i think i am going to go for one and just take it off after photos.

    I think Jo is right tho, its a nice enough dress without but a short one would look good. perhaps finishing above your waiste, plain with satin at the edge???

    Love c

  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255
    your dress is lovely! oo .. and is it palazzo parisio you getting maried ? I'm from malta could help you out with a few tips if you like ! ?image

    I prefer long viels personnally .. not the ones that never end as they are a hassel (at least for me as I'll probably fall over ) but the ones down to floor ,,

    image lex
  • mookowukmookowuk Posts: 61
    Thanks girls.

    Have spoken to my sister and and she's gonna come with me when I have my dress arrives in the shop, and can try some then to see what we think.

    I too was worried that it might be a bit fussy and ott as is a civil one.

    Lex - am getting maried at Palazzo Capua in Sliema. You don't happen to know who the garden is going do you? When we were out there in May this year the guy we met who is their 'event's person said that they were turning what was the car park into a garden at the back.

  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255
    hi yes i live just down the road! hehe (if you've been here you'll know how small the island is)

    however I'm not quite sure about the garden .. I'd call them and check just incase image i did hear that they were doing it up though sp you never know! image)

    Good luck! let me know if you need any tipsimage
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