Gift bags for guests



  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    That's a really good idea!

    I would love it if I had a welcome gift in my room. I can do this aswell as I'll be there one week before everyone else (all in same hotel).

    Even if it's some fruit and a bottle of wine (oh the idea's is whirling round my head). I wouldn't do sun cream though, as I only like certain kinds and alot of people have skin probs nowadays.. Ha HA!!! I can give them a agenda of what's happening with the wedding and "whatnot" to get them excited (or not), with maybe a last night meal invitation before we all go home.

    Lovin it!

    Lisa x
  • pminxypminxy Posts: 320
  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    Fantastic idea, love it.

  • Sounds like a great idea to me. Very thoughtful and personal.

    Nicola x
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