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This is a question for lex

Hi we are thinking of having our rings engraved with something maltese and I was wondering if you could suggest something at the moment we both quite like" for life " but we havent got a clue what this would be in maltese. I would be very gratful if you could help me

Cheers Gemma


  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255

    'for life' in maltese is 'ghall-Dejjem' image got t o confirmt he double l though so will keep you postedimage *spelling in maltese is horriddddddd

    hope to help! good luck with the planningimage
  • hey !

    infact .. I was wrong - totally hopeless at spelling in maltese .. this is the correct way of spelling it: 'Ghal Dejjem'

    image lex
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