Selling wedding dress


I bought my wedding dress a couple of months ago, it is a beautiful Maggie Sottero gown (Cassandra). However after having a good think about it I've decided that I'd like a much more simple dress as I'm getting married abroad. A lighter dress will be much easier to carry and also take less ironing etc when we get there. So I've decied to sell my orginal dress... Does anyone know where I can sell it and get a reasonable amount of my money back? The dress is obviously brand new but I'm now going to have to sell it as second hand and my H2B will divorce me before we've even started if I dont get most of the money back! At least he knows beforehand that he's marrying an indecisive girl....

Leanne xx


  • sara33uksara33uk Posts: 189
    good luck leanne!!! ebay springs to mind............
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Snap i am in the same boat as you can sell it on and other places but they do charge but likley to get better money than ebay etc
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