Greece & Cyprus? Open to suggestions

hi all,


looking for some help as all the information is overwhelming! Recently engaged and just trying to get an idea of places / budget, definatley do not want to get married in the UK as we like the thought of a more relaxed feel of abroad without speeches etc with our closest family. Now the closest family = 60 guests, this includes about 10 kids under 10.

my ‘ideal’ idea is somewhere with a nice view (not on a beach in the sand) so either overlooking a beach or a cliff etc without loads of strangers staring, then a nice relaxed meal and would love a beach club feel for people to relax at night and enjoy themselves but would also do the traditional reception if needed. 

is it possible to acheive this on a total budget of 10k max? Including dress etc. I know it’s such a difficult question as everyone has such different ideas of what to spend on what but would be great if anyone got married in these locations and could share their experiences / locations / what you spent on what?

We would have a party when back home to invite friends and extended family, that wouldn’t break the bank too much and get 2 wears out the dress!

thanks so much in advance :) 


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    Not sure how much it costs but Cameo Beach in Laganas, Zante is stunning, and private.

    If we could have married abroad, it would have been there.

  • Hiya, 

    We alos wanted a very relaxed wedding day in a beaut location for our wedding day, so quickly ruled out the UK. We have just booked to get married at Coral Beach hotel in Cyprus, which looks lovely. We will have about 30 guests and from  rough workings it will cost about £12k, £4K of which is the cost of staying 2 weeks all inclusive as we are making it our family holiday for the yeaR. 

    Hope that helps. 

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