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Costs of weddings abroad for 100+ guests



Could anyone one give me a rough estimate of costs for getting married in Europe (preferably Italy) for 100+ guests. I come from a very large family and in the UK we would be looking at 200+, which we are not sure we can afford :(. Needing advice to whether it is cheaper abroad or not really! 




  • Can’t help much with costings but I do know that Italy is extremely expensive for venues, food, hair and make up, bands, etc.  Definitely the same or more than the uk but arguably you get better food and wine for the money!

    Most people that get married abroad in Italy save money only because their guest list is much smaller than it would be in the uk, as not everyone will be able to afford flights, accommodation and time off work to attend.  

    There are lots of brides on here planning Italian weddings so hopefully one will be along soon to advise!  

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    We are getting married In Tuscany next year and having around 100-120 people & we are looking at around £35k - that’s without a honeymoon or my dress but is including some allocation for a pizza and prosecco evening the night before and a bbq the day after, although that could increase if those costs are higher than we are anticipating. That’s also including wedding planners. We definitely aren’t saving money and a surprisingly high number of people are up for coming although that might change once RSVPs are actually back. I do think we are getting more for our money in terms of quality though especially with regards to quality of the venues & the food and drink. We are looking at around €130-140 per head but that’s with a huge aperitivo buffet, four course meal and alcohol all day and also included place settings and chair hire etc. We live in London and a nice hotel / Manor House venue in one of the Home Counties that we’d have likely been looking at charge £130-150 per head for the typical 3 course / half a bottle of wine and toast drink per person.

  • Wow, that sounds like it will be a fabulous day! 

    Thank you for your reply, it’s very helpful :) 

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