How to pick a location?!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well!!

I recently got engaged a couple of months ago (completely unexpected) but just moved house so had wedding plans on the back burner for a while. Now we've moved it's time to start planning and I just don't know where to begin!!

We have decided we want to get married Spring time/early summer 2020 and we want to have a beach wedding abroad in Europe. Trouble is there's so many destinations - how do you narrow down the options?!

Greece, Cyprus and Italy have all popped up on our radar but really have no clue how to slim down options.

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on where to begin?!



  • We decided we wanted something intimate and where we didn't have to share our day with anyone else. Something completely relaxed so have gone for a villa wedding in Cyprus. 

    This is where we are staying and getting married -


    I suppose it depends what kind of wedding you want and then start researching venues that suit your needs. 

    Good luck and congratulations xx



  • I would say work out what your budget will be first. You’ll find Italy can be very very expensive not just for venues but things like photographers and flowers etc. A rough number of guests you plan to invite will help too.

    Do you have any particular destinations you’d like to go to? Or a ‘type’  of wedding you want? Do you want cliff top with views over the sea? A beach wedding? A hotel venue that does everything for you or a villa which will be more of a use a wedding Planner and coordinate yourself type of thing. 


  • Hi Samantha,

    Congratulations on your engagement – and the new house! We actually have a thread dedicated to asking these sorts of destination wedding questions (and you’ll have the chance to win a Y&YW beauty bag if you comment with your question on there).

    You can check it out here:

    You & Your Wedding Team x

  • Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all your replies. So many choices to make and things to think about!! We are looking for a beach wedding. The other half doesn't particularly want it in a hotel resort, wants it more personal and private.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for websites to get started with?

    Thanks :) 


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