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Myself and my fiancé have recently got engaged and are starting to plan our wedding! We would love to get married in Italy and will have around 80 guests (two large families!) can anyone please let us know how much they budgeted for for a similar wedding? 

We were hoping for around 15k but I don’t think this will be possible. 

we are also open to areas- we love puglia! But costing is our biggest factor.

we want a catholic ceremony, relaxed reception with food, lots of wine, music, photographer etc  



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    Congrats! I don't know much but from reading threads on here I know weddings in Italy are very expensive.

    Tske a look at Ashley's planning thread, she is an Italy bride.

  • Hello Mimi ,

    15k including guests accomodation and travel services or only for wedding reception?


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    We get married in Tuscany next year and so far our budget story has been to write one, laugh hystericall, set it on fire and add 50% and start again! 

    We are not saving money by having a wedding in Italy as we’re still having a fairly big guestlist (136 invites - I was expecting 100 with maybe 80 on the day but when you write it down they add up and more people than we thought have expressed an interest in coming!). I think we will end up with 100-110. We are definitely getting more value for money for things like food, quality of venue etc than we would for the kind of wedding we would want in the U.K. though. 

    Catering is between 80-100 euros a head for an aperitif buffet, three or four course sit down meal, dessert buffet, cake and drinks (depending on what you have). This usually includes furniture and place settings too which I personally think is amazing value given the quality.

    Venue hore varied massively between all of the places we looked at which were largely castles, country houses etc. We are now getting married in a converted winery with lovely grounds, lots of furniture and gardens etc and it’s €4800. Some places we looked at were nearer €10k for hire and a lot of them that include accommodation (which many seem to) have a three day minimum rental for weddings.

    Hair and makeup is very expensive (and hard to find something in line with what I’d want from the U.K. - styles seem to be quite different). We are flying people out which is expensive but we are probably about even there. Having friends able to help would save a fortune!

    We are getting married in May half term which isn’t helping costs of accommodation but other week’s flights can be picked up for less than £100 return from London and accommodation is good value. We have friends who would spend more on a train to London than we have paid for flights out on our various planning trips but half term has definitely made this more expensive.

     Photographers and videographers are around €2k for good quality. Sounds expensive but this is the lower end of what we researched for really good documentary style work. Flying people out didn’t make much sense as we preferred to spend the money on the actual vendor than their flights and accommodation etc. You can of course find people who will work for less depending on what coverage you want and what style you want. We are having a full day for both with second shooters etc.

    Are you having wedding planners? We have gone for a full service package with two planners one based in Italy and one in the U.K. Theyre excellent and worth every penny really. We would have needed to pay someone to help with the paperwork side anyway. Italian vendors are incredibly slow and laid back (we won’t confirm our Florist or catering until mid October for a May wedding) and frustrating to deal with at times. I have neither the time patience or inclination to spend hours upon hours researching and using google translate so this is an essential cost for us which we obviously would not have at home. I think the legal bits are around the €1000 mark.

    Suits are also more costly as we need to buy rather than hire because of how long we would need to have them for. We actually don’t mind this so much as our groomsmen get a nice suit out of it but it’s something to think about when choosing numbers in the wedding party.

    We are also hosting a welcome evening and bbq the day after the wedding, and these are adding a lot on to the budget but given people are spending time and money to come all the way out to us we want to how as much as we can. A one day wedding would be much cheaper but part of the appeal of going abroad for us was the dragging it out a bit!

    We are hoping for a miracle with the excha

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    Oops got cut off with my ramblings!


    We are hoping for a miracle with the exchange rate at some point between now and May but obviously with brexit etc et won’t know the true cost until after. Unfortunately the rate isn’t great at the moment but there isn’t much we can do about that other than hope it swings more In our favour!

    As I said we definitely are not saving money by going to Italy but I do think we will have a fantastic overall experience for our guests for not a huge amount more overall than we would have spent on a one day, Manor House type wedding in or near where we are in London or the surrounding counties.

    What I would say is when you draw up a budget include everything! Our initial one looked reasonable until we realised we hadn’t included outfits, rings, gifts for the wedding party, our own accommodation etc. So what at first looked reasonable soon shot up when we added on those bits and the other events we want to include.

  • Hi Ashley,

    Your post is sooo helpful! My partner and I just got engaged in Italy and it is our favourite country so we would love to get married there. Upon quick initial investigation it seemed really reasonable, but then when I dug a bit deeper I started to question that! My real major concern is that we get so fixated on the idea we end up going down a rabbit hole that we can’t get out of and the budget becomes a distant memory! If you happened to have the time it would be amazing to see a breakdown of your costs and the total (even just your estimate) as what you are planning sounds nearly identical to what we had hoped for. If that’s not possible an overall total estimate and the fee you have paid for the wedding planning would also be amazing and would really help me navigate the early stages of this mind field! Please can I have the name of your wedding planner also? Thanks so much and appreciate any help you can offer :) Rea.

  • We got married in Italy last year and whilst not cheap we spent £30k on 13 people for a 3 day party...we only invited 11 people but chose completely all expenses paid (flights car parking the works). Remember that when you send save the dates the responses  you get are not the final ones, we lost 4 even though we were paying. A lot of destination weddings have huge drop outs.

    Best value was a wedding planner, worth every Euro we didn't need two. One who spoke perfect English and readily accessible was all we needed. They will work to your budget, I really recommend Hewlin Vanni from Marry me in Tuscany.

    We didn't fly hair / make up people out and found that whilst styles in Italy are different they are more than capable of copying what you like from Pinterest (€700 for me and 3 othets), a good wedding planner will also give you recommendations of af least 3 of whatever service....ours was so good if I even paused for a second she was like forget it I will find different.

    Our photographer was €1200 good ones start at about €1000

    My advice is think about what you can afford, decide on location (Puglia is cheap, but South Italy is not as affluent, and is very seasona)l,  find a planner then fly out and check out venues.

    We got married in Tuscany and hired an Agriturismo for the week, but only hosted from Friday to Monday.

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    Hi Mimi,

    I sent you a PM.

  • Hello Brides,

    I would like to recommend the following venue:

    very close to Rome (25 miles) and the airports, amazing rustic village with accommodation for about 80 people, great food, lots of experience with British and Irish wedding, church on the site, wedding planner on the site.

    And if you need a wedding band please have a look at our website

    Thank you very much and best regards

  • Hey!

    Congratulations on your engagement!! We are a photographer duo, based in London, and we would love to shoot your wedding. We just got back from a destination wedding in Malta, it was such a great week! We flew over from the UK, and would love to be considered for yours. Our style is very relaxed and our passion is to capture the special moments of the day.

    Our website is and our instagram is

    If you would like to get in touch our email is [email protected]


    Good luck with the planning!

    Sam xx

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