We booked our wedding at cameo island in June 2020 and it’s been shut down

It doesn’t look like we are getting our deposit back

i found out from trip advisor from poor brides who are there now or recently to get married and the island has been closed down by authorities

panicking is an understatement.

has anyone had this before?! Do we have a leg to stand on


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    Have you contacted whoever you booked it with to confirm for definite what's going on?

    If it's closed down then yes you're entitled to a refund but realistically I don't know if you'll get it. Did you pay on credit card? If so you can request a claim to be made. Do you have wedding insurance? If so make a claim. 


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    There's alot of time between now and 2020 for them to sort out any licensing issues, I wouldn't immediately panic, maybe just contact your planner for reassurance.

  • We’ve booked our wedding on Cameo for June next year; our wedding planner is Alexandras dream weddings. I’ve been in contact with her about Cameo being shut; she’s informed me that it is being used fo weddings but closed to the public . She has asked if we can have a ‘ back up plan’ just in case but has also informed me that they are still taking bookings for future weddings. 

    We did panic a little when we found this out too!! 

    You would speak to your planner to see what advice they have....

  • I have just received an email about this from my planner. Im worried as i am due to marry their in June! 

    We have all booked but if im honest i think i would cancel if i couldnt marry their as nowhere else comes close! 

  • My wedding is booked on cameo island on the 23may 2020, i have been told that the island has had its licence revoked and they are in court trying to get it back, not sure what the out come will be as its still in court, they have asked me to sort another venue just incase, I'm not changing my venue as cameo is where i want to be married...... they told me i can use my two hours on the island for ceremony but not for a wedding if they can't get their wedding license back. really hoping i hear something soon if i do i will let you ladies know.
  • Hi I just had to sign up to add a comment on this thread. I've just got engaged and looking to book cameo for Sept 2020, I have spoken to a wedding planner and being told I can book but would need a back up plan. Wondered if anyone further down the line with planning has any updates?
  • We booked Cameo for June 2020, but our planner (Zante Dream weddings) advised us to change now, rather than wait to see what happens further doen the line.  As she took the deposit for Cameo, she will transfer it to the new venue.
    To be honest, for us, it's worked out alright as we had couple of reservations about Cameo, so this has made the decision for us.

    As for updates Jessica-Silver, the court case is supposed to be sometime this month, so I suppose it will be resolved one way or another in the next few weeks....
  • The court case started in November and won’t be done anytime soon. If you booked cameo wedding I suggest you start looking at other venues.
  • We have booked our ceremony on Cameo Island for August 2020 so I’m hoping any issues will be resolved long before then, however our wedding planner has asked us to pick a back up ceremony venue but I am really struggling as nothing compares! Does anyone have any ceremony recommendations please? 
  • Hi ladies on the 1st of march 2019 the results should of came in for the court results its all updated its on a zante website called........
    Zakynthosinformer.com, unfortunately they sill haven't managed to make a decision and its now the 13th march 2019, i hope this helps you guys.
    I have had another email from my wedding planner and she is not telling me anything i think that i found out more myself, i am on the verge of booking another venue as i am so so mad.
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    Thank you 
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