Wedding planners in Tuscany - help!

We‘re a couple from Scotland thinking of having a small wedding in Tuscany. We fell in love when we visited the chianti region on holiday.   Any recommendations on reliable wedding planners/venues etc?  


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    We are using Wiskow and White for our wedding in Tuscany next May. Can’t fault them so far. They’re a pair of ladies - one based in England and one in Tuscany who speaks fluent Italian (but originally from Yorkshire). They  totally get what we want, are easy to deal with, responsive, work for a flat rate (a lot take a % of budget or what they find for you) and have been invaluable so far. They’ll also do as much or little as you need and will really search for exactly what you want rather than just referring to a list of their usual vendors etc. Have total faith they’ll help us make our day perfect! In fact if I had no more input I’m still pretty sure they could pull off a day we absolutely loved!

  • Thanks Ashley that really helpful. Its a bit overwhelming the planning part so I want to make sure I have complete faith in the wedding planner! Where have you decided on for your venue? 

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    Elaine80 wrote (see post):

    Thanks Ashley that really helpful. Its a bit overwhelming the planning part so I want to make sure I have complete faith in the wedding planner! Where have you decided on for your venue? 

    We are getting married at Antica Fattoria Di Paterno. We viewed about 15 places and stumbled upon this by accident almost. We thought we wanted something very rustic but this place was so much more “us”. I’d say be open minded because a lot of the places we expected to love we didn’t like as much in real life and others we saw were so much more impressive in person than in photos. 

    One thing I’d say is prepare for the Italian laid back nature to dictate the pace of your planning. It’s very different to here in terms of the order in which you do things and if your wedding is more than a year / 18 months out then generally vendors don’t seem too interested. We haven’t booked our caterers or florist yet for our May 2019 wedding and are assured we are still totally fine to get our first choice of vendors, they just do things quite late compared to in the U.K. where those are probably two of the first things to book! Having planners we trust has really helped deal with this side of it, I think otherwise I’d have been panicking that people just don’t respond or get back to you for weeks or months if at all, at least we know Danielle and Lucy are totally used to managing it and bringing everything together. 


  • Sounds amazing! Will get in touch with Wiskow & White. Keep up posted on the wedding plans. 

  • Hi Elaine, we used Hewelin Vanni at Marry me in Tuscany. Can’t say enough about how wonderful she was, and so intuitive about what I was after. Nothing was to much trouble.

  • Thanks Victoria,  I had emailed them last week but they have not got back to me yet? Are they normally slow in replying? 

  • No, they are very good and if out the office she was very good at putting an out of office on. I found using the contact form (not just in that website) a little bit hit and miss so always just use a regular email.

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    Hi Elaine,

    I sent you a PM.

  • Hi Elaine, 

    I'm happy to recommed my wedding planner Danila (dama wedding company).

    We approached a number of planners at the start and while nearly all of them tried to plan our day to fit a template they have used before, Danila actually listened to what we were asking for. All of Danila's suggestions are in keeping with our requests/budget and she never try to force her ideas.
    My fiance and I emailed back and forth with Danila for about 2 months before we set anything in stone and believe me Danila had her work cut out for her, as we asked a million questions and I don't think there was a place in Tuscany that we did not discuss before finally deciding on beautiful Chianti. Danila is always quick to respond, so pleasant and so so helpful! I suggest that you contact her for free advices. Happy planning!

  • Thanks Alice, we are still deciding if home or abroad! Where did you decide on in the end? X

  • Hi Elaine,

    We booked a venue in Chianti area!

    If you'd like more details I can send you a pm.


  • Alice - that would be great if you could.  Thank you x

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