cyprus wedding 2020 HELP!!!

So I'm planning to get married in cyprus (paphos side) in September 2020. I don't even know where to start!

I have looked in to venues and such and i think ill be opting for a hotel wedding and reception.

If any one could help me with the following id really appreciate it :)

How much is the whole lot like to come to? i mean legalities, venue,food the lot!?

Am i expected to pay for family to attend?

is it worth booking in a whole package or booking everything separatly?

is there a company that deals with the flights and accommodation for family and friends?


Any help would be appreciated.




  • You would be best off hiring a local planner.  I don't think I've seen a brides on here (or know of any personally) that have planned a full-scale wedding abroad w/o one.  This person will be knowledgeable and able to source reputable local suppliers, assist you with understanding any applicable laws, and take care of all of the little details you won't be able to tend to personally.

    As far as costs, many hotels in in the Med area offer package deals - one price, lots of things included. Some even include things like the cake and some flowers. 

    You are not obligated to cover the costs of your guests travel. If you can afford to do so - i.e. for parents - it's a nice gesture, but not required. Keep in mind though, that a wedding abroad may exclude some guests based on cost (and there are other factors as well, such as pregnancy, poor health, uni exams, etc.)

  • Hi!

    I am getting married in Cyprus in September 2020 and have used a fantastic company called Cyprus Dream weddings. You have your own wedding planner that will help you with a lot of things.  They help organise all the legal side as well. You should look at their website for venues and prices. They have a great variety and the staff are very helpful.

  • Lisa429Lisa429 Posts: 10 New bride

    Hiya I'm getting married in paphos in sept 2019 and I've planned it all on my own. I found I wanted to be in control of it and I enjoy planning things , so why not plan my own wedding :):) 

    I have found it very fun doing it I started in May this year, and I contacted the  geriskipou town hall which is the sacred gardens of aphrodite and booked and confirmed the ceremony date. And i booked my holiday with thomas cook and the hotel im staying at does weddings which is Avanti hotel but theres also a village its all one resort, which is perfect if you have friends or family on budgets. Im having a cocktail reception there and wedding breakfast and dj aswell. They have a wedding team , so i just tell them what i want done , so that helps I guess. I've booked wedding car, flowers and photographer just having sunset photos on beach. I'm on a tight budget so that's another reason why I have gone without a planner, but honestly there's nothing to worry about , they speak very good English. I speak to the hotel manager every couple of weeks and she has helped me loads. 

    If there's anything you need to know just msg me hun , im happy to help xxx

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