Service providers in Italy!


We are getting married in Tuscany next August and I am looking for recommendations for florists and caterer. 




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    Where are you getting married? Does your venue not have a preferred list? How many people?

    We are going to visit two caterers next week - both based near Colle Di Val d’Elsa and catering for 100+, although I’m not sure if they have minimum numbers. They’re DTT and Lodovichi and come highly recommended by our planners. 



    Im also the future bride, i havent yet decided the place whether in Rome or Tuscany or Umbria, I love them both, I travel very often to Italy for work, someone here said that italians are very laid back and relaxed, this is true!


    surely the best way to have a wedding planner, but for someone who is organising everything by him/herself is better to do everything much in advance, and be a little bit 'pushy' , quite often italian dont reply often to emails, they prefer more direct contact, so its not easy. 


    due to my experience , what regards food is fantastic! the weather also especially in end of April, May, June, July, August, September and the beginning of October!March and November are quite rainy. 


    what regards services like flowers i really love Flavia Bruni , Sartoria_Floreale(instagram) ( they are based in Umbria but travel) what concerns photographers a lot of people speak very well about Paolo Ceritano, Andrea Tappo, I booked Andrea Matone for my wedding, and make up, hair , nails especially if you are coming from the UK, US , Brasile or Canada, dont expect anything ' wow' , the most of the artists have quite ' old fashioned' style, try to have always the trial before or to find foreigners. Two times i went  to ther wedding in Italy and I went  with italian artists' services, it was a disaster:(. So, that's why I already booked much in advance my make up artist and hair stylist, she is really really great and professional, and Russian living in Italy. if someone will be interested, instagram annartstyle_makeupandhair


    Im really happy, I have already done a test in Rome in her studio, and i was extremely happy with my look, and the beauty tips, and the beauty consultation we 've had before!


    good luck to all brides to be!






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