Lake Como wedding 2019

Hello beautiful ladies!

I am new to this forum so forgive me if I ask the same questions over and over...

We are in love with lake Como and are planning to have our wedding there. However I am little bit intimidated about the logistic and planing. My questions are:

1.if we hire a wedding planer would she take care of everything?-flowers, sugestiong  a place for reception ceremony, photographer, transportation etc 

2.what is the average costs for 20 people

3. How to find a reliable weddng planer on Lake Como


Thank you so much! 


  • Hi Violeta, 

    me and my htb visted lake Como before choosing Tuscany... our wedding planner met us during 4 days showing lakes and countryside venues. She absolutely amazing and she's taking care of everything!

    I truly feel that this experience planning our destination wedding would not have been so easy.
    After contacting numerous wedding coordinators, we stumbled upon Danila from DAMA Wedding. We were both very impressed with level of information and suggestive solutions she gave.
    We asked her to take care of everything: paperwork (for legally binding) translations, location, music, flowers, all the stuff...
    Right from the onset, they spoke to us about things to consider, asked us what ideas we had initially and about our budget. From there on, she was able to provide us with tons of suggestions to help us plan our wedding. 
    She also responds to our many, many, many, questions promptly (max. 2 days). Danila is making the wedding planning process super easy and stress free! 
    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her further for help with wedding planning. Her direct contact is [email protected]


  • Thank you guys for recomendations! 

    I really don't understand why when I contact and ask  the wedding  planners no one can give an approximate price estimate for vendors -flowers, music, cattering etc 

    Is that difficult or I don't get it there something I dont understand? 

    I am not asking precise price just approximately

    They are  just biting around the bush...


  • Hi Violeta! If you still need a photographer, please contact me! I'd love to photograph a wedding at lake Como!
  • Dear Violeta,
    I'm an Italian Destination wedding plenner, I organize weddings in Lake Como, if you need any information to organize your wedding in this area I could help you. Please cotact me directly at [email protected] 
    All my best,

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