Villa Del Balbianello

Hello all!

Im fairly new to this website but feel there is sooo much useful information here to start off with. It has made me reconsider getting a wedding planner as contacted the venue myself and have booked this, and have had good feedback from the providers for other requirements.

However there are still things which are overwhelming as there is just THAT much to think of.

I have had feedback from the Villa about two things which i was hoping to get some advice from everyone who has had the experience of getting married here.

Firstly, the events are permitted to be from 6pm, which is obviously a bit later than i had initially intended but wondering if anyone has managed to secure an earlier time-slot at all for the ceremony?

Also, has anyone had good contact with the suppliers of the carpets for protection of floors if any food or drinks are arranged for the ceremony? The official partner has a website which is all in Italian and wondering if there are other ways of making contact?

Lastly, does anyone know how to arrange a celebrant for a symbolic ceremony?

Thanks in advance!


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