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Could anyone help with ideas for venues abroad that wont bankrupt our guests who would like to attend? We really like the Olympic Lagoon venues in Cyprus but when looking to see how much it would be for my brother and his family (2 adults and 3 children) to attend for 2 weeks all inclusive (they would like to use the time away as their yearly family holiday) it is very expensive. We are hoping to get married at the end of May in either 2021/2022 and trying to give people an idea of how much they would need to save. I have another brother who has a family and my partner has 2 sisters with families too, we would love for them all to attend but would like to try and keep costs reasonable for them. 

P.s. we have chosen the end of May because we have 3 family members and 1 bridesmaid who work in schools so trying to help them by going over the May half term.




  • Maybe I’m missing something here, but why does your family have to stay 14 nights all incl at the wedding venue itself?

    These sort of 5 star hotels are going to be thousands for a family for 2 weeks.  Can’t you just choose which ever hotel you want and get them day passes?  Cyprus has some amazing Airbnbs and guesthouses for a quarter of the cost.  

  • Hi, yes of course we can do and that is what my other brother and my partners sisters will probably do(they will probably only stay 1 wk too), whereas the brother I mentioned above he has told me that they would like to treat it as they're 2 wk family holiday and would like to stay all inclusive at the resort for 2 wks and spend the time with us and our children, which is why I went back to the drawing board and started looking at other venues. I was just wondering if anyone out there has had a wedding in Cyprus at a reasonably priced venue. I have just had a private message of a venue that is private and not on a resort which looks amazing, so I shall look at cheaper resorts now that don't necessarily include the wedding in them.


  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride

    I got married in Rhodes abd when u was playing I just price's for June and just add a couple of hundred o to the price with it be a few years away just so I had a rough idea of cost 

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    We just did our minimoon at the Olympic Lagoon; I know it is not what you are asking, but it is a superb resort.  

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