VAT as Canadians for a wedding in Italy

Hello everyone,

We are from Canada and will celebrate our wedding in Italy. Will we have to pay VAT? Are there general or certain VAT exemptions?

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  • Dear Dan,


    usually every supplier gives you the quotation including VAT. I don't think you will have exemptions for this kind of things, however I suggest you to ask directly to your accountant, if you have one.

    It's a national issue. 

    I hope it can helps :)



  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    I’m pretty sure it’s irrelevant -  haven’t seen or heard it mentioned anywhere in all of our research (we get married in Tuscany next May). Most prices we have been given explicitly state X plus tax. For some things this is 10% (our catering for example) but most other services I’m sure are 22%. 

  • Hello Dan,

    if you have a company registered in Canada,and you ask the suppliers to invoice your company for their services, then you do not pay VAT.

    If you are a private person you have to pay VAT

    Best Regards

    The Singer

  • Hi Dan,

    You won't be 'exempt; from VAT, unless as The Singer suggests, you can pass the invoices through your company- which might be hard to justify.

    VAT in Italy is usually 22%, but is 10% on F & B, transport and some other services. Whoever you are working with (suppliers or planner) should always specify this.

    Very often suppliers will quote a NET amount, ie. if paying by bank transfer you will be paying VAT on top. So best to check if it hasn't been explicitly noted.

    Best wishes,


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