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Hi  we are thinking of getting married in the DR has anyone done this direct with the hotel?? can you tell me the process please  :) thanks sharon


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    I was looking at getting married at Dreams La Romana in Bayhibe.

    I had quite a few conversations with the wedding planner there over email and she sent me some brochures. 

    To be fair it all seemed relatively easy. The costs to translate the amount of documents that is required to get married in the DR however is very expensive compared to some other Carribean destinations. It was going to be £900 for us and we have never been married before or had a name change etc.

  • I did look on the dominican embassy and said the translation was £165 each for the statutory declaration? Or are there other documents we have to have? Any help. Is appreciated 😁

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    So you need a Statutory Declaration each, then your full British birth certificate each. So just 4 docs in total.

    The price you have quoted seems to have gone down a little from my quote but I was going to use a service to do it all for me. I didn't want anything to go wrong and of read that the it all has to be done within twelve weeks of your return date so there is no margin for error!  

  • Hello,

    I am hoping you two could maybe help me..

    I am starting to try and make plans for our wedding which we would like to take place in the Dominican 2021.

    however I have no idea where to start!!

    I have been to local travel agents which I have not had much help from as no flights are out and they are saying I cannot book the wedding until 11 months before which is just far too late for me to let my guests etc when I am expecting them to fly out all this way.

    I too really like the look of the dreams (Hilton) la romana and I want to make a start on planning and having a rough idea of prices etc what I need to start with.

    do you think I am best to contact the hotel directly first? would you advise a wedding planner/co-ordinator?

    hoping I can start to make progress with this!

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