My dream wedding and unexpected pregnancy

were getting married 25th July in santorini Next years we've been planning this for over 2 years. Everything is booked and paid for. We have just had a huge unexpected shock! We're pregnant and due 26th June. i can not change the wedding date I've rang my planner to explain. Were suppose to fly out 18th July but we can change until 23rd. 

Is this too much pressure? Can it be done? Can I book for an induced labour? I can't get rid of a baby for one day. But we can't loose all that money either. 


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    You can't book for an induced labour unless you go private (and tbh you don't want to. Inductions don't always work and can lead to a more painful labour, need for more interventions or a c section) If you have a section you need to allow a 6 week recovery period during which you will not be able to drive or fly.

    At worse you will be 2 week post partum and likely still bleeding. Feeding will consume much of your waking hours and you won't have time to get a passport for the baby.

    TBH I think you might need to swallow the lost money or see if you can postpone / bring the wedding forward.

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    If you have wedding insurance you should check it, you may be covered. 

    My friend was a bridesmaid when her youngest was 8 weeks old and she really struggled to deal with brand new baby and that. As a bride no idea how you'd cope.

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    As someone who had an emergency C-section - no, no way could I have coped with a wedding. I couldn't even go over speedbumps in the car without pressing a cushion against my abdomen for a month, and I wasn't fit to fly - I couldn't drive for 6 weeks (though my insurance company said there was no set time period, it was just a case of when I felt I could drive safely). 

    You also might have to stay in if there are complications with either you or baby - I went in to hospital Saturday night as my waters broke, had an emergency C section Sunday evening, and didn't get home until very late on Wednesday evening as my son was in SCBU for a couple of days due to low blood sugar. My sister was in hospital for nearly 2 weeks from them starting her induction to going home.

    If you were to go 2-3 weeks overdue the baby would potentially only be 1/2/3 weeks old, and at that point they just cluster feed (if you breastfed). I barely wanted to leave the house for a month after birth, let alone pack up a wedding's worth of belongings plus all the baby equipment you need and fly to a foreign country. You will still be bleeding, heavily, and you can't use tampons. I bled for over 6 weeks post birth.

    You would also have an almighty rush to get a passport for baby, and it took me over a week to get an appointment just to register my son's birth.

    You can't really book an induced labour or planned caesarean unless it's for health reasons - and as above, you wouldn't want an unnecessary induction as they can go on for days and cause risk to both mother and child. My sister dragged out her induction by refusing to have the emergency C section she clearly needed and she nearly died as a result of complications (she's ok now thankfully).

    Sorry if I've been a bit blunt, but before I had a baby I had no idea about half this stuff. As suggested above, I would speak to your insurance company and see if they can help.

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    I think having a baby so small will make the wedding in another country very hard and doubt you will enjoy it, I think you should go through all your costs and see how much you stand to lose, Maybe you could just do it as a holiday and do the wedding bit another time? how many of your guests have booked flights?

    Congratulations on the pregnancy too!


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