Help finding a wedding venue in Italy!!

We are looking to get married in Italy in 2020 but are really struggling to find a venue, that’s not too expensive. I’m really hoping someone can offer some suggestions! 

We are likely to have 120-140 guest, which is pushing the price up quite a bit! I have contacted in excess of 30 venues, with an average of around €160 per head for the menu - excluding any ceremony. 

we are both catholic and would like to get married in a church, followed by a reception - ideally in a private villa, but would be just as happy with a hotel (private hire). it would be great to have accomodation for guests at the venue too. 

We‘re also pretty flexible on the location, as long as the venue is right for us. Following some research though we know there are some regions that won’t allow us to get married in a church, Being from the UK. 

Im hoping someone out there can help! 

Holly x






  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,137 New bride

    Whereabouts in Italy? We are getting married in Tuscany and expecting around 100-120 guests. Venues varied quite a lot (although we looked specifically at those with civil ceremony licensing), but our catering is coming in at 85 euros per head plus tax. If we make any additions which we may (for example they don’t include beer in the open bar which is included at that rate) we are still looking at under 100 euros a head and that includes fab furniture choices too. Our venue is around €4500 but we saw some gorgeous places that cost less. 

    Arw you using a wedding planner? In our experience they’re worth their weight in gold and will save more than they cost in the long run as well as saving a tonne of stress.

  • LakesLakes Posts: 7

    Hooly which regions/area you contacted? Did you contact any location in Como? Try with a good Destination Management Company (i.e., ) maybe they can help you also with a wedding planner.

  • @Ashley72

    Thank you so much for your reply! we are not set on a particular region, we initially looked at Lake Como, but understand non resistance of Italy are unable to have a catholic church wedding in the region :( so we have since contacted a number of venues in Puliga. 

    We have now contacted some wedding planners as its been a lot more difficult than we first thought to find a suitable venue! ... considering looking in the UK now as a back up! 

    Which wedding planner did you use? 

    thanka, Holly x

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,137 New bride

    We’re using Wiskow and White and thoroughly recommend them. Good luck with your search!

  • Hi Holly,

    Congratulations on your engagement.

    We are a free online Italian wedding directory specialising in showcasing specialist providers of wedding services in Italy, including venues. Please visit our website to see if we can be of any service in your search for a suitable wedding venue.

    Kind Regards,

    Alice (Style My Wedding Italy)

  • Hi Holly,

    160euro per head sounds extremely expensive! we booked the catering service through our wedding planner dama wedding. Rich welcome cocktail, seated diner 3 courses, wedding cake, unlimited wine during dinner € 110 per person. Are you using a wedding planner? Ask her to help you in finding a cheaper option!

  • Lisa226Lisa226 Posts: 127

    We married in Sorrento in May 2017,  email Exclusive Italy  Weddings for help and advice, they were our planners and totally amazing.


    good luck,  lisa x

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