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We have just started planning our wedding looking at the cloisters but really want the whole wedding party to stay together for the week nearby. There will be 20 adults max (we haven't done the inviting yet) but everywhere I'm looking is really expensive we are paying for the accommodation so we don't want it to be more then everything else combined has anyone used anywhere locally? we don't mind if it is a villa or group of accommodation near each other but it needs 11 rooms. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • I would have thought your best bet is to go for a package type holiday - there is a TUI hotel around a 10-15 minute taxi ride away that some friends stayed in when we went, but generally everyone booked their own air b&b apartment type places.  Accommodation is expensive, especially for the standard (we paid over a grand for 5 nights in a really basic 3 double bed apartment that was a 20 minute walk from the square (though advertised as 5!).  As everything is so small there I really think that you are going to massively struggle unless you go to a bigger hotel further out (which would be such a shame to miss out from staying near the hustle and bustle of everything).  You may be able to get a few flats in the same block but that wouldn't necessarily be together.  

    Either way, Sorrento is expensive! 

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    Hiya Karen,


    we married in Sorrento in May 2017 at Villa Fondi.  You’ve picked an amazing place for your wedding as it’s just stunning.

    we booked our hotel accommodation directly with the hotel, a year in advance and paid in full which gave us quite a chunk of money off so it maybe worth asking some of the hotels what discount they would give for a group booking with payment in advance Or a percengage of it?

    we stayed in The Grand Hotel Aminta, which was totally outstanding in every aspect and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.  

    The thread I was on at the time, many brides did regret paying a lot of money for a more expensive hotel for a few nights and said they wished they had gone cheaper and stayed for longer. We stayed for 11 nights and the hotel cost for us and our daughter £1300 In total. 

    Good luck with your search and have an amazing wedding day!


    lisa x

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