Bridesmaids at home reception

Hi everyone,

New here and new to weddings as I have only ever been to one and never thought I would get married!

Basically, long story short we want to get married Abroad as my partners family is there and it means so much that his grandparents can see us getting married and his daughter can be there and we get it done by his local priest on the beach. Small. 

This is 100% what I want, but I also want a fancy reception at home for my family and friends who I know won't be able to travel. (Plus Its really expensive just for flights so I wouldn't expect anyone to pay that much)

I was wondering how it works.

Can I still have "bridesmaids" at the reception that won't be at the one abroad?

I would like to get my best friends dresses and pamper them although they won't be there on the actual day.

I would love to hear what everyone has done/ has experienced from a wedding abroad and a reception at home.

Thanks in advance!




  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    I think doing that is a lovely gesture! You can really do whatever you want. If you’re having a fancy do, there will likely still be elements of the day that you will want your bridesmaids to help with, you could still have a hen do, you can wear a nice dress and enjoy the getting ready element. Hell you could even have a blessing in front of your friends and family at home if you wanted to include them in some kind of ceremony element. 

    You might be surprised that some people close to you will say they’ll happily travel to see you actually get married. But you can absolutely celebrate it in any way you see fit - there is no right or wrong, just remember that everyone will have an opinion but the only ones you really need to listen to are yours and your future husbands!

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