Skiathos Greece Wedding

Hello everyone,

We recently got engaged in Skiathos and are looking to get married in July 2020 there. Is anyone else getting married there that year?

We've been speaking to a wedding coordinator Jo who lives on the island and she has been amazing! I would highly recommend her!

We are looking to get married in Bourtzi, an outside Symbolic ceremony. Is anyone else having a symbolic wedding abroad? We was going to have a civil wedding, but we will save so much money by doing the legal part at home. We won't be telling any of our guests it is a symbolic wedding.

We were thinking of having a boat for all guests after the ceremony and maybe sailing to a taverna on another part of the island. Anyone else doing this and would recommend any taverna's?

At the reception we would like a buffet style meal as it will be around 40-45 guests, including 5 children. We also want a greek band or greek dancers in the evening. Anyone else has this?

We're giving our guests the option to stay at a hotel of their choice, as we have been to the island we know how easy transport is to get to places. However, we will be lookong to hire a coach on the day of our wedding to collect guests and bring them to the ceremony and then return them after the reception.

Jo has been fantastic so far, so quick at responding and suggesting ideas.


Just wanted to hear back from anyone else who has recently got married there or who is looking to?


Amy :) x


  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Congratulations on your engagement, Sorry haven't been to Skiathos let alone married there! but I have been to a number of weddings where the legal bit has already been done in advance and I really do not think it takes away from the ceremony at all, don't worry about that, most couples I know haven't specifically mentioned they have already done the legal bit and the guests don't give it a second thought.

    Your idea of a boat trip to a tavern sounds really nice and I think it will add a really nice element to the day, I also think its really nice you are arranging transport for the guests, just days another bit of stress out of the day for them.


    Good luck with your planning.

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,454 New bride

    My brother and SIL had a symbolic outdoor wedding, having had a basic wedding at the registry office. there were lots of grumblings from certain guests about it "not even being a proper wedding" so if it was me, I wouldn't mention it.

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