Starting from scratch

Hi, looking for advice, just got in engaged in October and we are planning to get married in greece 2020 with 40 guest. I have seen a lot on here about the company “gold weddings” and there good reputation just wondering if anyone could recomend any places/islands as my perfect wedding would be santorini back drop wedding(no beach)but i need to do my research But desperately need help. 



  • CareneCarene Posts: 22

    Hi Abby,

    There are other companies too with good reputation for a wedding in Santorini or even to other places. 

    You can also contact Marrymeingreece for your wedding in santorini and have a wedding with the santorini amazing back drop

    Other islands solutions too.

  • Abby, I am the exact same! I am desperate for the Santorini look but not in Santorini as I cannot get direct flights to there. There is literally nowhere as beautiful :( I have looked for around 8 months!

  • Ionian Weddings or Perfect Weddings Abroad have given me quotes for venues in Santorini maybe give them a try. I got engaged in October in Mykonos which is just as amazing as Santorini. X 

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