Country/ Venue Suggestions

Hi all,

I am having a hard time deciding on a country for our September/ October wedding. Living in New York but majority of our family will be coming from Ireland and the UK. I have spoken to a wedding planner in Bordeaux and Tuscany/Amalfi. I am not opposed to Portugal but would like any type of recommendations. Would love a venue with a rustic feel and accommodation for the bridal party/immediate families. We will probably have between 100-120 guests. Have a max budget of 30k I think my main concern is accessibility to these places for guests and also somewhere the weather is decent enough for cocktail hour outside. Any type of help is gladly appreciated!!


  • Could you not do it in the UK? We tend to have a nice spell of weather at the start/middle of September and it would make it much easier (and probably cheaper) for your guests to attend. Otherwise, you run the risk of not reaching your numbers because, even with the best will in the world, it just isn't easy for some people to attend destination weddings.

    If you'd be open to doing it in the UK, I'd start looking on websites like or to look for venues.

    Happy venue hunting! :)

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