Regret ?

anyone booked a destination wedding and regretted it ?

we knew not everyone would be able to make it but the invites have been out a month and constantly having people conplain about the cost and worried we wont have anyone there.

We knew it would be small(what I wanted) And the rsvps don’t have to be in till next July ( marrying Oct 19) but it just seems so slow & everyone is very negative rather than excited.( which is clearly dragging my own excitement down)

the invitations were worded very well, in that we understood the costs and time so, we understood if guests couldn’t make it and would hold a party on our return.

im just so fed up I wish I could cancel the invites bugger off in secret and get married then just announce it to everyone.

is this normal for destination weddings ? We are marrying in the Dominican Republic so we don’t really plan much 3 months before the wedding I just feel really lost and low about it all. Maybe we made a mistake inviting people rather than eloping.

even my bridesmaids don’t seem that interested. I ended up going wedding dress shopping alone just so I had something to look forward too.

Reassurance anyone or advice please xx


  • HI Shannon,

    Sorry you're feeling so low at the moment!  I say at the moment, as I'm sure this will pass.

    I'm getting married abroad next year October too and because it's abroad you have to give the invitations out much earlier than if you were getting married here and I think even though it's exciting for you and the groom, it's still quite a long time to go for everyone else.  It can be a bit disheartening when you are all excited but I'm sure people are excited but just distracted by other things.

    I think travelling long distance is always going to eliminate certain people because of costs and that is to be expected. We aren't sending out invitations until the end of this month but we already know that there  are a few family members who have stated that they won't be able to come for various reasons and we respect their decisions.  Also, look on the positive side, the lower the numbers, the lower the costs and more money to spend on other things such as your celebration when you return home! That's the positive spin I'm putting on it!

    With regards to wedding dress shopping, I set out a few dates to visit different shops and saw who could make the various dates. One day, /I nearly went on my own which  I was fine about as I usually shop for clothes on my own.

    Also, maybe organise some visits to wedding fairs to get ideas for decor, party back home etc. I find that not everyone can make it but usually someone can and it can generate excitement for the wedding.

    Remember, it's your day and your'e getting married where you want to, so don't let anyone else spoil it for you!



  • I have very mixed opinions on destination weddings, based on the bride and grooms connection and reasons for choosing that. 

    If there main reason is to potentially save some money then I probably wouldn’t be too enthusiastic, because it then costs a pretty penny for people to attend, uses up their annual leave and maybe even dictates their holiday for that year.

    That being said, when my MofH got engaged, I instantly knew she would get married in Portugal - her family have holidayed there since she was much younger and her H2B has holidayed with them for many years. I’m also her MofH and I’m more than happy to be paying the expense for their wedding, there’s a big emotional connection to the area and just perfect for them. 

    They‘ve actually got quite a lot of people attending and I can only assume that key factors in this are that they discussed that it would be abroad with all of their family, wedding party and close friends before they booked and sent the invites, they’ve been to a few weddings / hen do’s Abroad of their friends recently and finally, you can get to and from Portugal pretty cheaply.

    I think the best way to ramp up people’s excitement is to talk honestly with them, tell them why you’ve picked that location and venue, tell them how you imagine your wedding day, let them see how happy the thought of it makes you.

    But also don’t be disheartened if a lot of people can’t come, who knows what they’ve got planned in the next 12-24 months, babies, house moves, proposals and their own weddings. 

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