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Are you getting married abroad?


If you are getting married abroad can you please let me know where so I can have ideas? Finding a venue and planning the wedding seems super exhausting!

I have found two venues in Malta (Palazzo and Villa Bologna) but I would like to look at other venues too. I think I am quite fussy and that is why I am not seeing anything I like. I hate that in Malta you ceremony doesn't start until 4.30, in Scotland you can have it at 1pm and all the way through to the evening. (the only thing I like about getting married in Scotland)

Thank you x


  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    We're getting married in Italy - a civil ceremony in Tuscany for around 110 people. We're having a 3pm ceremony and have paid to extend the venue an extra hour to a 3am finish (music off at 2am).

    Things to consider for narrowing down a place - what kind of ceremony do you want? If you want to be legally married you have more constraints but if you're happy to do a registry office for the paperwork at home and then a symbolic ceremony overseas your options will open up quite a bit. Also consider flight time and availability of flights from your local airports for people travelling out. We chose Italy as the flight time is under 2 hours so suited older people and those with young children (we thought some might struggle with 4+ for Greece or the like).

    If you like Malta, could you find a venue where you could stay until late or have a late ceremony and then find a hotel or bar where you could go on for an "after party". Remember that in a lot of countries the afternoon is incredibly hot during the summer so starting a little later will be more comfortable for you and your guests. My friend got married in Spain and had a 5pm ceremony and it went on until 2-3am and really didn't feel short in any sense. 

    Also think about time of year, how expensive flights and hotels are in the destination and who you would really want to be there and whether they'd travel. 

  • HamidHamid Posts: 36 New bride

    I know a friend who is getting married in December in Cape Town.  Even though I would not choose Cape Town just because all our family and friends are here.  Having visited there, I can see why someone would want to get married there.  Of course sun, beach and great food could be the primary reason.  Another thing that can be attractive is the language.  Much easier to source suppliers and the styles are very similar to UK. Malta or Italy would be great  depending on the season.  Look forward to reading about yoir experiences.



  • Hello...If you want, i'm from Italy (Sorrento). Here there are many Venues. Visit and contact me i'm avaible for free to help you

  • Hi, have a look at Madeira Island - Portugal. There are venues that have the schedule you like. The islands landscapes are amazing with breathtaking views. It's such an exotic place to get married. Search for celebrants in Madeira, they are cheaper than Wedding planners.
    All the best xx
  • KaylabooKaylaboo Posts: 1 New bride
    Hey getting married in New York! Bit different to the “beachy” destinations, there are however sooooo many places you could get married, I guess it’s a preference thing, I love NYC and so many photo opportunities the planner is also amazing, and is highly sought after x
    hiwever some people go it alone and plan themselves, I personally don’t think I could trust myself abroad, too much pressure.......realised this is a little bit older so hope you found something x
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