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Sicily or Mykonos


My partner and I are begibegin to plan our wedding for the summer of 2020. We've always wanted it to be a desdestinat wedding and have recently brought it down to 2 locations: Sicily or Mykonos. I wanted know ask of anyone has experienced a wedding here and their thoughts?

Just a little more detail about the wedding. It would be for 3/4 days for around 120 guests. We're both Indian but our ceremony won't be religious but we all will be dressed in Indian clothing.

We've fallen for Sicily because of the variety it brings: beautiful weather, lush greenery, the ocean and authentic feel.

And Mykonos has caught our eye for how stunning the views are. I've been to greece a few times and have loved how friendly people are.

We want to have the option of activities such as boat trips, water sports or spas - something for everyone.

Love to hear thoughts! 

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