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Suppliers in Provence, France

Hi everyone!

I‘m an Australian bride who is getting married in Gordes, Provence, France in 2020. Even though I speak french and can find suppliers that way, I’m still having trouble finding the below for a reasonable price:

- celebrant (needs to speak a bit of English as no one else speaks french). €500 or less (all of my quotes are well in excess of €1000 currently!) 

- videographer - €1000 - around 5-6 hrs of work

- makeup and hair - €150 euro for me, maybe €100 euro for additional guests (like the mother of the bride). I find a lot of the french makeup and hair quite over the top, hoping for something a bit softer and more natural. :)

- accoustic music - €500-700 - hoping for someone who can do both french and english songs 

For those of you who have had your weddings there or know suppliers, is my budget unreasonable? I won’t be offended if it is, I just have no idea!! My wedding will be on a Tuesday, which in Australia usually attracts a discounted rate as it’s not a peak time but perhaps that’s not the case overseas. It’s also very small - 25 people, so it’s not a huge amount of work. Please feel free to share any ideas or recommendarions may have.

Thanks in advance! 😍

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