Wedding in Greece roughly when would guests arrive?

getting married 11th June.  Just wondering how far in advance guests would normally arrive? Small wedding all guests are happy to travel whenever.  The venue is 4 hours from the airport so if they all arrive same day travel fees would be much less as they could all go in the mini bus.  Just unsure of how many days prior to the wedding they tend to be there?


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    I would think they would want to arrive 2 or 3 days prior to the wedding. If they were due to arrive the morning of the wedding, and their flight was delayed or cancelled, you wouldn't have any guests.

  • Most of my guests fly out the Wednesday with me to Greece and I get married the Monday. We have some guests flying out the Friday and Saturday xx

  • Thank you ladies x

  • Def a few days in advance, to prevent problems as noted above.

    And just a heads up on this...there was an American girl I was just reading about over the weekend who has dual-citizenship in the UK and they opted to be married in England. She planned for her events to begin that Friday night with a welcome dinner...ALL her guests, US and UK, ended up in town by that Thursday and basically expected to be entertained. They ended up sorting an ultra-last minute welcome reception for every that Thursday night.  I would try to get a feel for when your guests do intend on arriving so you can create plans accordingly. 

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