Cost of weddings abroad...

Hi everyone!

We got engaged just over a month ago and I am so excited to start planning. I would love an outdoors wedding abroad, but my other half is hesitant at the idea of an abroad wedding.

I need to try and convince him that it will be brilliant... and I have heard that it can be cheaper to get married abroad than at home. I know that if we get married at home we will have double the amount of guests and it seems very expensive here. We don't have much choice of hotels, there is only one on our island that I would consider looking into. I have contacted marquee companies and have either received no response or a ridiculous price!!

Can you please give me feedback in your experience of the average cost of an abroad wedding with say 60 guests? I have been contacting various planners, hotels & travel agents who give an idea of costs, but would like to know the real costs!

I would love to be able to put on an open bar for our guests... but I think I'd have to find somewhere really cheap to be able to afford that.

Thank you in advance! 

(Any tips or guidance greatly appreciated)

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