Marrying in Italy in August. Bad idea?

I work in a school and have the month of August off. I have heard this month is the peak of the summer season, but for timing purposes and ability to travel around the country for our honeymoon after- it is looking like our only choice. Is the heat/temperature bearable during this month? We are looking to book a venue on the Amalfi Coast. 

Also- best venue recommendations you can provide!!? and GO :smiley:


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    It will be very hot but it depends on what kind of timeline you follow and what kind of venues you choose. If you have an outdoor ceremony or reception you’d probably want to avoid noon-early evening as it is the hottest part of the day & guests would be uncomfortable for prolonged periods. I’d look for outdoor spaces with shade and opt for an earlier/later ceremony and then an air conditioned venue for the reception. 

    We are getting married in May in Tuscany and hoping for temperatures in the early to mid 20s. There are May and October bank holidays in most schools - could you consider one of those? Temperatures would definitely be cooler in both but still a good chance of lovely weather.
  • Unfortunately the only other 'long' breaks we receive are a week. Which won't be long enough to marry and then honeymoon. And my job also does not allow for days off around a holiday :( The more I research the more I'm becoming discouraged about having this in Italy as I'm coming across the holiday Ferragosto which supposedly causes most of Italy to close. 
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    Hiya, Im a wedding photographer and shoot across Europe. Theres no two ways about it, it will be hot hot hot!! I shot in Sorrento both May and late September this year, both quite pleasant really. May one was during the May Spring Bank holiday. I also shot in Cyprus in August which was sweltering. What I did, after consultation with bride and groom was to allow them to relax and keep cool during the hotter hours, and the photo session took place an hour before sunset. Good luck, destination weddings are awesome. I would recommend round in Ravello, I found that side so much more prettier than Sorrento side. Or even go to Tuscany!
  • The whole of summer is peak time in Italy. Perhaps the Amalfi Coast is a bit too busy with tourists in August. Town are very tiny and there are more than one wedding taking place on the same day, it may not make it for a very intimate wedding. However Italy has so many stunning venues you can consider! If you want to have a look at a few options in various parts of Italy, and wish to see a full list of suppliers, go onto and start searching away for the best suppliers available depending on your requirements.

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  • We'll be getting married in Rome this summer, but we're trying to avoid August because, yeah - it's supposed to be sweltering. But, you're at least going for the coast (cool breezes a distinct possibility), so not too bad. I'd say go for it - make sure you get there a little early to acclimatise to the heat, advise your guests to wear light clothing and keep plenty of water around, preferably some of which you can jump into. Beach wedding, anyone?
  • Hello, to reassure you - I got married in the middle of the desert with no venue and just made sure for the hottest parts of the day we weren't outside! 
    I'd say go for an early morning ceremony or a sunset ceremony, no need to stick to an exact timeline. And, our photographer has shot lots of weddings in Italy - she might be worth a look :)
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