Destination Wedding in England

We wish to plan a destination wedding  in England. What are the best places that we can host a quaint wedding amidst only family and friends? The wedding will be around June - August 2019. 


  • Thats a really open question as thyere are hundreds of beautiful places in England you could go to, it depends if you want city or rural? Beach or Manor house? There are some gorgeous beaches, Cornwall, Devon, Scotland, all fantastic choices but theres so many factors.
  • Also, you may now be limited by availability as the summer is major wedding season! My venue has nothing left between late May and late October last I heard! I booked my June date in September...

    There are lots of great online resources and directories of venues, but you may find it easiest to use a wedding planner if you need help with ideas?
  • Sophie360Sophie360 Posts: 3 New bride
    Look up Tithe barn, it is in the Yorkshire Dales near to Bolton Abbey. Photos look stunning. It is cheaper to hire the venue mid week....

    if you want somewhere near the coast I would recommend Robin Hood’s Bay. Seems to be a few weddings hosted there...
  • If you fancy Wales, Brecon Beacons, then look up Craig y Nos Castle Weddings. However we are not in England though will be less expensive than most English Venues. Off J45 M4. So if you are in the South of England this might be an option. We were once 3 hours  drive from London until the variable speed limits went up.  For a destination venue incidentally you (A) need accommodation for all your guests either at the venue or locally, for both the night before (for guests travelling from afar) and the night of the wedding. (B) you cannot invite evening extras as evening only guests will not travel over an hour to get to an evening only do, then be expected to drive back. So you will end up having all your guests for the duration. Depending on budget, you really want exclusive use of a venue with lots of accommodation and that is worth traveling to. 
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