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We are looking at getting married in sorrento in 2020 and going out soon to look at venues. Has anyone any advice for guests on where to stay that's cheap? I feel guests are not keen and feel stressed already about getting them on board! 

Any advice would be great thanks x


  • Hello and congratulations on your engagement!

    Have you been to Sorrento before?  It’s absolutely incredible.  So Romantic!!! We stayed in Amalfi just down the coast and visited for the day and loved it.  It’s not a cheap place however.

    Hotels, basic, but with a pool start at £100 a night.  Ours was £300 a night but to be fair it was one of the best in the area.  I would recommend Airbnb to your family as hotel extras are really expensive as well.  The hotel we stayed in charged €10 for a pot of tea for one!  

    Have you thought about time of year?  The weather is amazing from April right through to October but I think it’s too expensive and too hot in peak summer personally.  

    I would also arrange transportation for your guests.  We got a taxi from a restaurant in sorrento back to our accommodation and it cost €140.  We missed the last bus that was very early at about 10pm.  

    Flights can be cheap as both Ryanair and Easy Jet fly to Naples and the transfer  is fairly easy.  I saw a great 4 bed villa on Airbnb that would fit all 8 (as long as they are close friends/family) for £800 for 3 nights in April with pool and sea views.  That would be £33 per person per night.
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    Thank you! 

    Yes we went in July 2017 and decided to get married there as soon as we got engaged. 

    It's not cheap bit yes we were thinking a villa may be the best suggestion. 

    Did you get married in sorrento? We are looking at villa fondi. Unfortunately we are going to have to get married in June due to guests having exams/ working term time so it will be hotter. 

    We are also looking for a wedding planner? Perfect weddings abroad and ionion weddings seem rubbish and ionion actually charge for a consultation!

    Thank you!
  • Sorry no I didn’t get married there so can’t help with wedding planners etc.  There are lots of Italy brides on here though!

    I’m sure though with careful research the trip could be done for a reasonable amount pp.  June is still cheaper than August.  

    As for the family members not happy with the cost, would you really be that upset if they declined the invitation?  If it was just the four of you would it be okay?  
  • Hotel Eden is one of the cheaper ones and as people have said you can look at air bnb or villas :) I visited Sorrento in 2017, hoping to get married there too, but in 2021! 
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    Hi,  I have booked Villa Fondi for the 30th July this year. We are staying in Sant agnello. It looks amazing! Cant wait Xx
  • Hi,  I have booked Villa Fondi for the 30th July this year. We are staying in Sant agnello. It looks amazing! Cant wait Xx
    Hi Costella1310 If you need help with your wedding, i'm avaible. My help is free. i'm from Sorrento and i've a website and my Facebook page

    You are welcome
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