Italian planner help

Hi there

We are currently looking for a planner in Italy to help with our wedding but most of the quotes we are getting are around £4k-£6k, is that a normal price to expect to pay?

Does anyone have any recommendations of companies in the Tuscan, Umbria, Bologna region?

Thanks so much :)



  • Katy81Katy81 Posts: 29 New bride
    I used a wedding planner we paid £1400 She was great I can inbox you her email address if you want?
  • If you need a contact of a good wedding planner in Italy, I could recommend the one I work with. She is really very good. By the way i'm a makeup artist and hairstylist so if you need a professional to help you with your makeup and hair here is my instagram
  • Hi Maria, I'm an Italian destination wedding planner, I work also in Tuscany and Umbria, maybe I can help you! Write me directly at [email protected] and please specify which kind of wedding  you are thinking of and how many guests you would have.
    All my best,

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