Wedding planning in Malta

Hi everyone,
I am planning our wedding in Malta for the end of September 2019. I have spoken with a few wedding planners but I am getting turned off on how expensive their services are! I can think of better ways to spend €3,000, especially when trying to keep within a budget! 

Has anyone planned their own wedding in Malta? What was the experience like?

We are traveling from Belfast in a few weeks to choose a venue. I am an organised person and helped plan my sisters wedding, but worried there might be a few unexpected surprises if it try to plan it myself!

Any advice would be greatly appreciate!

Sheila x


  • lsmith-hlsmith-h Posts: 1 New bride
    What's your budget for a wedding planner? My friend hired one at a fixed fee, definitely less than £3000. I can ask her for her details if you want.
    I don't have any advice on planning a wedding in Malta, unfortunately.
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