Wedding in Tuscanny, Wedding Planner Review - Danila Minetto

Hi All,
I just wanted to leave a review for anyone thinking of getting married over in Italy especially around the Florence/Tuscanny area. We got engaged in Bali in August 2017 and did not want a long engagement and decided we would get married in Italy the following year. We knew this was going to be a little difficult seeing as in Ireland you nearly need 2 years advance notice for any wedding related bookings. Anyway we read all the reviews and wondered did we need to get a wedding planner or not? I thought to myself surely I could just book all the things through email and that would be that. Well after reading all the reviews online about how people gave up with that idea halfway through and ended up booking a wedding planner we decided to start looking. It is supposed to be very difficult to book suppliers unless you are fluent in Italian which we certainly were not. We looked through a few Irish wedding planners who specialize in Italian weddings but the prices were way out of our price range. I cant quite remember where we came across Danila's name but we sent her a mail and we knew from the first email back that we got a great feeling from Danila. She was so organized and had basically a sample package which listed everything from music to flowers to cars to venue etc etc. From this we were able to gauge prices of things and then just to be sure we had a skype call. She was so friendly and talked us through how it all worked. 
Danila then sent us on a number of venues over in Tuscanny which we could have the reception and also a number of venues where we could have the civil ceremony. We are not religious so specified no churches but there are loads on offer as it is Italy! We picked the venue and booked the town hall for our ceremony (We had a symbolic ceremony in the villa later that day so it was just us for the civil ceremony). Obviously you can do it differently but this was the best for us. The mayor of the town did the civil ceremony and Danila was translator and then later that day we had a celebrant which did the symbolic ceremony. Danila sent us on this celebrant and was another choice Danila made that was fantastic!.. 

As for organizing the event,we were back and forth with Danila every couple of days and she was sending on us options for different things and getting great prices also. Sometimes when it was out of our price range we would ask Danila for alternative options and she was always able to come through. We were never held to any particular supplier and could go off and get our own if we liked, although we did not need to. We met Danila that April in Tuscanny to take a look at the villa and some of the wedding suppliers (food and drink, hair makeup etc etc). It was a great weekend and Danila showed us around and we met whoever we wanted to see.
There were a couple of specialist things I wanted also and Danila was able to come through on. I needed a projector and sound equipment for which Danila was able to source no bother and was also able to send on all my requirements to the sound and lighting guys. 

All in all, I couldnt recommend Danila Minetto enough. She made our lives so easy and the day ran so seamlessly. We were getting married at 5 O clock (its always later in Italy in the summer due to the heat) and I remember meeting Danila at about 11 O clock and asking her "Is there anything you need me to do" she would reply "No its ok you can start getting ready". As we had a pool at the villa I would run off to the pool for a couple of hours until I would get the feeling "This doesn't seem right, its my wedding day, surely I should be getting things setup and stuff" so I get out of the pool and get changed and head over to Danila and ask her again is there anything I need to do? "No its ok its all sorted". Back into the pool I go. My wife and I pretty much stayed in the pool up until about 3 O clock before starting to get ready. The wedding was so stress free and that is solely down to Danila sorting everything with the suppliers, the tables, the venue, the food, the DJ, the lighting, the list goes on... 
There is only one thing I can guarantee, if you go with Danila all you will need to worry about is saying yes as she has everything else covered. 

If any of you have any questions on the wedding or how stuff was organised etc etc don't hesitate to PM me. 

Hope this helps anyone thinking of getting married in Italy. 

Kind Regards,
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