Wedding in Italy - Help!

Hi everyone,

I’ve sifted through the forums already but apologies if this is a bit of a repeat. Recently got engaged and we are hoping to have the wedding in Italy in 2020 (open to timings but ideally May-September) with around 70-80 guests. Budget for everything around £20k and ideally we would hold it all in one venue where everyone could also stay together. Not bothered by the legalities as we would be open to legally marrying in the UK beforehand and then having just a symbolic blessing on the day. 

I’ve emailed a few planners already and have been researching possible venues but feeling very overwhelmed by it all! All of the planners seem to have a set rate which is fine but how do you know which one to go for? We aren’t tied to any one location so reluctant to go for someone based in one particular area and then have to travel them for the day. 

Any advice you you can give on how to get started we would be forever grateful!
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