Wedding planning Lake Como

Hi :-) I've started to plane my wedding in Lake Como for August 2020. I'm doing this alone without a wedding planner although the frightening thing for me is the legal paperwork for our civil ceremony. Has anyone any experience in doing this alone? How they went around it etc? I've contacted my chosen venues just waiting on the one I want for my ceremony to respond. It's all so exciting yet scary. Am I doing the right thing without getting a planner is the question I keep asking . All help and tips are so welcome, I'd love to hear others experiences.
Thanks xox


  • Ciao! Congrats for your wed and I'm so happy you choose Italy! Yours is a very common question, wedding planner or not wedding planner?? =) I'm a professional photographer from Italy and I always work with couple coming from all over the world. Sometimes they have a WP sometimes no. What all the couple always notice is that -unfortunately- in Italy there still is an hard burocracy path. I mean , if you need to plan a symbolic ceremony you can do it alone , but if you need a civil or a religious ceremony, I suggest to think about a wedding planner or even just a person who can speak italian and help you with all the paperworks. If you do not want  to spend money for a WP, Try also to contact some officiant who maybe , as extra service, will take care about your paperworks too. =) Just little tips! 
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