Croatia Wedding Advice for a newbie

Good evening all :)

Im a totally newbie to all of this as I've only recently got engaged. We're starting to think about weddings and have always dreamed of getting married abroad. We went to Croatia last year and fell in love with Vis island so now I can't think of anything better than to get married there. 

I wonder if anyone can give any advice in getting married in Croatia?
I think I'd definitely hire a wedding planner to help although I'm unsure of costs at the moment. Cna anyone give me a rough estimate of what I may be looking at paying for a wedding of 30 guests? 

Is it worth hiring a photographer from over there? Or has anyone taken their own? 

Do wedding venues in Croatia get booked up way in advance? We haven't set a date yet but I've read conflicting info about how far in advance you can book. 

Any other general advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I don't know where to start 🙈

Thank you 💕 x


  • Lauren-And-SamLauren-And-Sam Posts: 33 New bride
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    Hey :)

    Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting. I just wanted to throw our name into the mix for a photographer for you guys. We recently had a wedding in Malta, and are willing to travel from London! We absolutely LOVE destination weddings, you get two photographers too for your day. If you would like a quote, or to take a look at our work, our website is and our email is [email protected] :) We are a very relaxed duo who love to capture those unseen special moments!

    Happy Wedding Planning!

    Lauren & Sam - Lase Photography
  • Congrats on your engagement, we are looking at Croatia as well, I am really keen, there are some nice Islands off Dubrovnik which look so pretty. I am in the early stages myself as well, I am thinking 19 months in advance, so Sept 2020 maybe??? Just hoping that leaves enough time.??? I guess chatting to a few different wedding organizers will give us a better insight into the availability of not just the venues but suppliers as well. :) I imagine booing on an island there will be limited venues so these may have to be booked even further in advance... it's a good job I enjoy Wedmin!!! Happy planning!
  • TennantdmTennantdm Posts: 2 New bride
    Hiya, sorry I've only just seen your comment! Congratulations to you too. 
    I've messaged a few planners and they don't seem to even consider booking or giving budget advice until about 12 months in advance at the earliest. Not very helpful haha. I still have my heart set on it though. How are you getting on with your planning? :) 
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