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Lake Como venues any recommendations?

Dear wedding planners and post wedding reviewers 

please can you suggest something in my budget or a decent wedding planner that will not cost the earth and that are worth recommending? I’ve spent hours on the Internet and now my head feels like it’s been through a shredding machine😣

I will be travelling to Italy next month to have a look at some venues but have no idea where to start. They look good on the photos however do  they look different in real life? 
 I will have 50 guests, all ages at my wedding . Max cost £25k. I don’t want a fuss but just elegant nice decor for the venue  , less is  more in  that location! Civil ceremony and place to stay for guests,  that is local. I appreciate good staff and cleanliness as well as very good food and drink.

Easy location to get to from Malpensa airport but venue  by the lake . There’s  so many  wedding planners to choose from but I don’t know what to do. Can  I find one at a hotel when I visit or does any one know of one?

hoping  you can help me.

much appreciated 


  • apr1969apr1969 Posts: 2 New bride

    Hi Sindy, Ive just joined this forum and want basically the same information as you! We are planning a Sept 2020 wedding but with only 10 guests. hoping to get married at Villa Balbienello with a meal at a nearby hotel.

    My head is equally as mashed with trying to get all the information and the best value...

    When is your wedding?

    Here's hoping that someone who's recently married there can offer some help. I will of course share any info I find out too.



  • I just joined this forum today and am also looking for the same answers :smile:
  • apr1969apr1969 Posts: 2 New bride

    Hi Emma,

    So I've pretty busy since my post in March and now have most things booked up for our Sept 2020 wedding. Learnt so much from the internet and visited Lake Como last month to finalise some plans and see the venue etc

    Happy to help with any specific questions/ideas that you may have. Please feel free to message me.

    When is your wedding?


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