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Few advice to choose the right place in Tuscany

Hello everybody,

I want to start this discussion, because can be very usefull when you decide for a location!!

Helping my husband in his job as location manager in Italy, we often face some problems related to the position of the villas and the possible inconveniences due to the proximity to other structures.

When you choose the ideal location, I think it is essential to keep in mind some variables that could make the place of your dreams in a continuous problem.

One of the aspects to consider is the music and volume factor ... infact, after dinner almost everyone wants to dance and go wild with the DJ or band until late at night or even morning ...

Unfortunately, many locations have really ridiculous restrictions on after-dinner music. We speak of maximum 00.00 and often ask for a surcharge to be able to extend by 1 hour, then until 01.00 am.

The first consideration to make then is to understand when evaluating a location the proximity to other locations or countries, because this could give problems to the request to make music after dinner and anyway to keep very very low volumes ...

Another key aspect to keep in mind is the possibility of the location to provide the catering. It is fine to take advantage of the internal catering, but often the prices are high compared to the quality offered and it is always good to organize a FoodTesting at least 10 days before the wedding to be really sure of what you have chosen.

Last really important notice in the search for the location refers to PLAN B. That is rain problem ... I know you don't want to hear about bad weather, but it could happen! Always ask for plan B or in case of rain where you can have lunch or dinner!

I hope they are useful tips for all locations in general. If you need advice in Tuscany please write to me in pvt.

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