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My Partner & I have just got engaged. We are looking to get married in The Algarve or Santorini & would like to have an Indo-Western Wedding

Could anyone tell me roughly how much we are looking to pay for 50 Guests & what would be included?

I have read so many forums & am getting completely different answers each time!

Also If you could recommend any good wedding planners for either Algarve or Santorini. I have got in contact with AWP.

TIA smile


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    Hi, there's a Santorini bride fb page which is good for info  
    It'll be the same price or more than if u did it here - defo not a cheap place.
    I'm using Naido destination weddings and they've been great so far x
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    Hey, prices are going to vary on what you’re wanting. I’m getting married in the algarve in June and we’ve used Glamour Weddings and they’ve been amazing I believe they’ve done indo-western wedddings before. We also spoke to sonho a dois who were also really lovely and Rebecca weddings but she ignores us once she knew our rough budget!

    I recommend contacting a few with a rough budget and your ideas and ask if they can propose something and arrange a Skype call. They all seem to use the same suppliers anyway so it’s who you fit with most but I can definitely recommend Glamour first hand xx
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    :) :) Thank you so much :)  very much appreciated
  • Hi Tia,
    as Ambam19 said, Naido is a great wedding planner and they will help you with any detail you need about Santorini. We are Wedding Stories Photography and we work with them so if you are still looking for a photographer or videographer we can make you a great price. Here you can check some of our work:

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