Help!! Wedding in Paphos

Hi, I am not sure if anyone can help me but I really need some advice. My partner and I are looking to have a wedding in Cyprus, and plan on renting villas in coral bay for a week.

I have been trying to find a reliable wedding planner who is willing to help us plan our very simple, no frills wedding. We would like a simple town hall wedding, with about 21 guests. As for the reception, we would like to go somewhere for food and drinks, possibly cake in a pretty setting. Then back to the villas early evening.

All of the wedding planners keep recommending expensive packages. As long as we are legally married. Can anybody recommend someone who can help or advice on how I can organise it on a budget?


  • I am having the same problem as you’re having, it becomes so confusing I feel like I’ve googled a million different things!
    We’re hoping to book a villa also in coral bay in June 2020. Ceremony at the town hall & onto a restaurant for food & drinks would be IDEAL. We also just can’t find anywhere suitable, my partner isn’t worried about planning ahead and is adamant we can wait until we get there but I need to at least have ideas!
    Have you since found anywhere for after the ceremony?
    The only restaurant I had found was.. Ficardo restaurant.. It’s so difficult not being able to see these places prior to actually going there as pictures can be so deceiving!
    Any help is massively appreciated x
  • Poppy234Poppy234 Posts: 23 New bride
    Hi girls my wedding is in 2019 in paphos, ive planned it all my self. Any questions or help you need just msg me anytime. Xx
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