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Maldives Wedding

Hi Folks 

Just myself and my OH are going to the Maldives in February next year to have a ceremony on the beach. Which we might do a live stream also 😁 for all our family and friends to see. We are going to be married legally here In Scotland.  We are hosting a wedding reception back home a week after we return. We are currently looking at sending out Save The Dates. Do you think we should highlight at this point what our plans are as I don’t want people to think it’s an actual wedding. Let me know yours thoughts and opinions please? 


  • I personally would. People on here have done it in the past and put something along the lines of "We're getting married in the Maldives in [month] and would love you to celebrate with us at our reception at [venue] on [date] at [time]".

    That way at least people aren't expecting there to be a ceremony and it saves you having to answer a bunch of questions from concerned individuals. :)
  • Yeah think it makes sense as you said I don’t want ppl asking questions and getting confused. 
    Thanks. X
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