What wedding favours to take abroad?

Hi all, I'm getting married in a year's time in Turkey. Ive been with my partner for 15 years so yes, well overdue! 
 I am marrying on a Yacht with just under 40 guests, we want it to be intimate. Turkey is our fave holiday location so we chose to marry there.  

But I've no idea what Wedding Favours to have or how much is too much when it comes to wedding favours.
 I really want to give back to those who are flying out from UK to be with me on my special day. 
Are any of you ladies getting married abroad, if so what Wedding Favours are you making yourselves or taking with you? Just need ideas :)

Thank in advance! 



  • Congratulations that sounds like a lovely wedding day! The first thing I would think for is if you are buying and taking them from here or organising from there as it might really add up in your luggage.

    if you could find a local supplier maybe local alcohol in mini bottles or some form of specialist bottled oil or delicacy?

    Hope that helps a bit and good luck! X
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    Check with your venue that you are allowed alcoholic favors, or edible ones at all. Several of the venues we looked at didn't allowed them. I would def do something local, and something that can either be used quickly or taken back on a plane easily
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    Personally i wouldn't bother with anything you have to transport there, it'll just take up a lot of space and with transporting things like your dress it'll be added stress you don't need. I think you're better off using the money to buy everyone an extra drink or something! Or arranging for some booze to be left in their rooms or a little treat or something, it shows appreciation still but saves you the stress. 
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    Personally I would sort it when you get there. It won't take long to pop to the local shops and source something. The first thing that popped into my mind were fans for the ladies and miniatures for the gents. It'll be easier than sticking a load in your luggage and probably cheaper too as you can haggle over there
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    Congratulations 🎊 
    Were another long term couple that have finally booked an abroad wedding, rhodes for us.
    I've been looking at possible favors and have found some key bottle openers which I think will be quite easy to transport. I'm thinking of having the labels personalised and getting some small Hessian bags to put them in. 
  • Our planner provided sweetened almonds (that's  greek tradition she said)
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