Santorini Brides To Be

Hi Santorini Brides To Be,

Having recently got married in Santorini at Le Ciel on 5 May 2019 and successfully planned my own wedding, I would love to help and share my Santorini knowledge with brides thinking about getting married on this beautiful island.

Please feel free to drop your questions below.

Crystal x


  • Hi congratulations on your wedding! I have recently booked our wedding at Rocabella Santorini for August 2021. I have just been thinking about flowers/centre pieces, I don’t want to be spending loads of money on flowers so was thinking about trying to take silk flowers and make my own centre pieces but wasn’t really sure. I just feel like I don’t really know where to start with anything else. I do have a wedding planner that is included with the venue but she said people don’t release prices for 2021 until Jan 2020. Any advice would be amazing! Thanks you!:) 
  • Hi crystal, 

    I really really need your help!!! 
    I have posted a new discussion earlier today asking anyone for help as I’m trying to decide between santorini and Mexico! How do I decide!!! 
    I love mexico because of the fun holiday vibe everyone all together in an all inclusive environment being together having fun, but I prefer the scenery for our pics in santorini. 

    With santorini everyone will be spread out in different hotels due to deciding where to stay themselves (mexico everyone has to stay in the same hotel for the wedding that’s what the contract is out there) 
    I just don’t know if santorini will be fun enough, it is so expensive for guests in terms of compared to mexico is a lot upfront but it’s all inclusive pays for everything 
    Thank you
    jodie xx
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